It is NetClique’s mission to deliver innovations in new media entertainment through our engaging, content marketing and distribution services on the Internet. By melding our creative and technical skills we are able to design an interactive story-telling universe that connects and educates our audience members Online and off.


As Internet audiences continue to grow, people are spending more of their lifetime on the Internet. This demands the need for NetClique, as we make the Internet more lifelike and interactive to meet todays needs. We create a more organic, inviting, environment Online.


NetClique begins this process of change through the distribution of our Videshows™ and the introduction of our NetElements™ (advertising hot-spots) which offer advertisers and users a more natural, choice-based, real-time delivery platform for their advertising messages.


We utilize current technologies from ad networks, video sites, search engines and social media. Adding to it, technology we’ve developed on our own, NetClique delivers a new form of entertainment to web audiences.


We are confident this will change the way entertainment is consumed Online while promoting growth to our economy through job creation and reallocation of advertising dollars lost through inefficiencies in digital advertising as it currently stands.





At NetClique, in everything we do, we believe in challenging the world to look at things from a different perspective. We believe in making different choices. It is this belief that allowed us to envision a choice-based advertising network and  entertainment model.